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Motorcycle Accidents

With so many different types and sizes of automobiles on our West Virginia roads, motorcyclists often get lost amidst the tons of cars and trucks surrounding them. Sometimes, the drivers of trucks and passenger vehicles do not show motorcyclists respect and don’t share the road much at all.  Failure to obey the rules of the road and acknowledge the bikers around you may lead to severe or fatal motorcycle accidents. The West Virginia motorcycle accident attorneys at Hewitt & Salvatore, PLLC work hard to right the wrong that has been done to innocent motorcycle riders.

A Dangerous Match-Up

Motorcycles are no match for other types of vehicles. Cars and SUVs weigh substantially more and, even with helmet and riding gear, the exposed motorcyclist is vulnerable to any type of impact. Motorcycle collisions with large trucks and semi-tractor/trailers are often fatal. While a motorcycle rider accepts the elevated risks of operating such a small vehicle, other drivers who break the law should still be held accountable for the harm they have caused.

Serious Injuries Create Financial Wounds, Too

Many motorcycle accidents result in the worst types of injuries you can imagine, including traumatic brain injuries, spinal injuries, back injuries, burn injuries, and others. Victims may face paralysis, coma, multiple surgeries, internal injuries, and other devastating consequences. Treatment for serious medical issues like these requires deep financial resources — hundreds of thousands of dollars most West Virginia families simply do not have. What is worse, auto and health insurance companies that you thought would be there in difficult times like this may fight you every step of the way, deny your claims, and make it hard to get top-notch medical care.

Lawyers Who Walk the Talk

After a motorcycle accident, you are forced to deal with lost income and mounting household bills, in addition to medical expenses. At Hewitt & Salvatore, PLLC, we believe in acting as quickly as possible to get your family the compensation you need to survive.

If you or a loved one has been hit on a motorcycle, you are going to need help finding the funds to meet expensive medical bills. Let the West Virginia motorcycle accident attorneys at Hewitt & Salvatore, PLLC, review your case and give you valuable legal advice. We help accident victims in Fayetteville, Beckley, and all of West Virginia, and we are more than happy to help you. Please contact our personal injury lawyers today in Beckley and Fayetteville. One call, that’s all.